How to Easily Promote Existing Content in Your Website

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Having and updating quality content in your website is essential when working on your organic SEO. However, in many cases, your business’ website already has articles, pictures, FAQ’s is just lacking some promotion. Fear not, as leading Orlando web designers, here we are presenting 3 steps you can take today to promote the existing content in your website.

How can I promote existing content in my website?

Before you jump into promoting your content, it is best practice to identify what content has the most potential. For this, you should look for content that includes keywords that you are trying to target in your specific industry and broken links opportunities. Once you have identified such content, try taking the following steps:

1. Contact websites with similar content

Even though there are plenty of websites out there with a wealth of information on any given topic, the truth is most sites(like people) do not have all the answers, and this is when collaboration becomes essential in link building to give the user the best possible experience. Consider the possibility of reaching out to those ranking higher in the google search results, and take a look at their content. They probably have a lot of information on “X” topic but probably you have many articles on your website complementing the information they already have. Reach out, offer to add a link to their website and ask if they are interested in doing the same thing.

2. Look for broken link opportunities

Broken links interfere with users’ experience, and there are many resources out there that can scan your website to detect those, so make sure you take the time to optimize your content and eliminate all broken links. Look at the broken link checkers below to scan your website today:

3. Maximize efforts with paid promotion

With most users becoming more and more critical about content found in the web (including advertisements), it can be difficult to know whether or not paid promotion works, and if you do decide to pay for advertisement, which channel should you use?

Paid promotion can increase visibility to that content, so if you would like to double down on the efforts, check out Google search ads & social media ads (Facebook , LinkedIn,  twitter, Instagram, etc). Lastly, the channel will ultimately depend on your audience, so aim for a comprehensive research of your target clients.

Recycling content and promoting it can save you time and energy, so don’t dismiss the potential of what you already have on your website.

Orlando Web Design Company

If you need help identifying and promoting existing content, At M5 Design studio, we have over 14 years of experience improving local SEO by optimizing promoting content. Our Orlando web designers and SEO specialists, can help you today, contact us. We are an Orlando Web Design company specialized on web design, online marketing & SEO.


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