How do I Find my SEO Competitors? 4 Essential Tips for Competitor Analysis

Orlando Web Design Company

Orlando Web Design Company

Research and analysis are the pillars of marketing strategies, and therefore of SEO strategies. In SEO, competitor analysis in allows you to discover how your competitors are earning the traffic, leads, and sales you could be getting instead. Thus, this analysis should always be part of your SEO strategy as it provides valuable insights on both the mistakes and effective practices your competitors are making. In SEO (much like in life) the more informed your decisions, the better. So, how do you go about making an effective competitor analysis that will gather the information you need? Luckily, we have put together a list on 5 tips that are guaranteed to deliver the correct data.

5 tips for effective SEO competitor analysis

1. Know your competitors

In our complicated and overcrowded market, your competitors might be hiding in plain sight. So, you must start with considering there are online and offline competitors. For SEO purposes, you should consider your competitors to be anyone above you in SERPs (search results pages). This means that your competitors could be blogs or any informational site. Furthermore, you should also consider comparing your organic traffic to the paid competitors. Spyfu offers tools to compare your website to all others in the SERP’s.

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2. Research your competitors’ keywords

This is a typical example of how learning from someone else’s mistakes can benefit you. Get a list of your keywords and compare them to the ones your competitors are using. This can help you strategize as you find opportunities and let go of keywords that might not be worth the effort.

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3. Analyze competitors’ PPC behavior

Pay per click behaviors are an important part of any SEO strategy, so it is essential to look at your competitors ads, and ask yourself “what services are they promoting there?” and most importantly “how can I advertise a better version of their service or product?” In addition, we recommend looking at the keywords they are using as they are paying for them which demonstrates a high interest on them and what they can deliver.

4. Examine Link sources

Websites with authority on a topic related to your service or product can be very valuable when it comes to backlinking. However, how do you know you are going after the right websites in your link building outreach efforts? With so many websites out there, we recommend finding out which sites are your competitors going after, and make sure they match your list of websites.

Competition is getting fiercer by the minute with businesses expanding and investing on SEO. Don’t fall behind, make sure you frequently do your competitors’ analysis.

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If you would like for Orlando top SEO professionals to create a competitor analysis for your business, contact us! We are an Orlando web design company experienced at helping businesses improve their websites & Google search results positioning.

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